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Miscellaneous - Robert Naismith

Robert Naismith, draper, banker and historian, was born in Stonehouse on 31st August 1832, the eldest child of James Naismith (born 28.8.1796, Glassford) and Margaret Scott (married 4.11.1831). His forebears came from Jackton near East Kilbride. He married Bethia Browning Paterson at East Kilbride on 17th August 1864, residing at Crossview at the corner of King Street.

He took an active part in the affairs of Stonehouse but will be remembered most, perhaps, for his “Stonehouse: Historical and Traditional” published in 1885 in which he propounded for the first time his theory on the origins of the name of Stonehouse. He also traced the proprietors of the Barony from the earliest period down to the time of his writing. As a historian he was responsible for several publications including:
The story of Christianity in Scotland

The story of our English Bible pre1865
The story of the Kirk 1865 (copy in National Library, Edinburgh)
Stonehouse: Historical and Traditional 1885
Robert and James Haldane: Two worthy workers of bygone days 1893
Rev. James Hamilton D.D.: A Memoir 1896 (copy in Hamilton Library)
The merchant martyr of Stonehouse (booklet) 1871

His interest in local and religious history were researched and documented, throwing some light on the characteristic features of a bygone age. He was an extremely active member of the community, being involved in many local organisations and county committees. In April 1878, the Heritable Investment Bank (Ltd.) opened under his management. He also stood at least twice for election as our representative in Lanark County but was narrowly defeated on both occasions.

Throughout the latter half of the 19th century Robert Naismith lectured to various organisations, on his extensive knowledge of the church, the village and its history. He also built the house of Westlea, Vicars Road, where he died at 4.00pm, on Thursday 3rd March 1898. A memorial monument to his life, and that of his wife Bethia, can be found in the old kirk cemetery.

His son Robert Johnstone Naismith, also a draper at Crossview, Stonehouse was Chairman of the School Board when the new infant department at Townhead School was opened in 1912 and his son Robert Naismith, born at Crossview, became a famous radio scientist. He was a pioneer and inventor of automatic equipment for ionospheric measurements and a member of Sir Robert Watson-Watt’s team in radar research before and during the war. He was also the author of a number of scientific publications. His death in 1973 marked the end of this branch of the Naismith.

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