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Miscellaneous - Sandford
Sandford Village
An Imaginary Campaign
Wha's Like Us?
The Dominie's Domain
The Call of Summer
Lighter in Winter

Sandford Village
The following extract comes from a correspondent reporting on his visit to Sandford in 1936:

“If one could picture another ‘45’ in Scotland with the village of Sandford espousing the modern Jacobite uprising - which Heaven forbid! - this small clachan on the Kype would hold the key position. Why? Look at that direction post at the foot of the village where many motorists in the travelling days of summer dismount to discover their bearings. What village in the county commands so many highways leading north, south, east and west? If Sandford, instead of being pictured in rebellion, were to be imagined exacting toll at the cross roads, as in the bad old days, she would get rich quick, and with her wealth would go all that unsophisticated rurality which is one of her characteristics of those who live and move and have their being within this little cumulation of clean homesteads on Kype-side.

An Imaginary Campaign
No fewer than five roads fork off at Sandford, and on a stout iron sign-post the various directions are plainly named. That way to Carlisle and South, with all England beyond to plunder! Yon road to Kirkmuirhill and Lanark, where the burghers would be an easy prey to the country-bred Sandfordians! Or this way to Stonehouse, whose capitulation would be a foregone conclusion! Along that fork to Muirkirk, which would be taught to respect the prowess of the men of Kype Water!

Finally, there is the road to Chapelton and Strathaven. Chapelton would be excused, but Strathaven could expect no quarter! There is more than a “gingerbread crumb” to pick with the “Stra’ven Cronies.” At the hands of the larger community, Sandford suffers repeated humiliation. How frequently postal communications reach the Kypeside community bearing the legend, “Sandford, by Strathaven.” Sandford by Strathaven ! What ignorance! How degrading to be known only by proximity to one’s neighbour! Is there any other Sandford in Scotland? Not that we know of. True, there’s almost a bakers dozen of them in England - but what’s England anyway? Caledonia stern and wild knows only one Sandford, and she sits securely where the stream which gives Hamilton its morning bath and quenches its thirst, splashes over a broken and rocky bed, and casts itself over a perpendicular cliff to produce the much visited “Spectacle E’e” falls.

Wha’s Like Us?
Well, but getting down to it, let us say without hesitation, that there are few cleaner villages in the county than Sandford. There has been no sparring of whitewash, which gives colour as well as a preservative to the cottage walls. There are three rows of dwellings, each branching off in a different direction from the others. This gives the village an appearance of roominess and expansiveness. The houses seem all well built and in good order”.

The Dominie’s Domain
A recent addition to the local architecture was a new home for the school master, and the Education Committee acted wisely in their choice both of site and plan. In our village peregrinations we have not come across a more pleasantly situated home for the head teacher than this one flatted bungalow at Sandford beside the school. The dominie was from home when we arrived, and Mrs
Headmaster caught us inspecting admiring the exterior of the new schoolhouse. “You can see the inside too,” she said, with an inviting smile, and we were charmed with its comfort, its conveinence, and the delectable prospect of the country scenery from the parlour windows. When those features of the home were revealed to us, we could understand the quiet joy and barely suppressed enthusiasm manifested by the good lady in finding, with her husband and her family, such a conveinently built and beautiful home after residence in one of the large industrial areas of the country.

A pivotal point in the social life of Sandford is the annual gala day, when the village from head to toe gives itself to mirth, music, dance and play. Fair Monday is the day - marked red in the local calendar - set apart for this annual festival. Sandfordians the world over return, if not in flesh, at least in the spirit, to their native village on that day. Many natives within convenient distance find the homing instinct on Fair Monday irresistible, and thither they betake themselves to join in the happy reunion, and to renew old but not fogotten associations.

The Call of Summer
Sandford is an ideal little summer resort where, in the quietness of its surroundings and the purity and salubrity of its country air, the visitor may find renewal for body, mind and spirit. And in this respect the village is not unknown. Of late years it has increasingly attracted resident visitors, and on the gala day when the season is at its height these temporary dwellers by the Kype take a prominent share in the arranging of the programme for the day. The village is now more accessible and less isolated than it used to be. Prior to the inauguration of the present limited bus services, which links it up with Strathaven, Sandford could only be reached by employing “Shank’s naigie” for a few miles if one could not afford a private conveyance.

Lighter in Winter
The village life as a whole was given a new centre when a few years ago, largely by their own efforts, the people built what is known as Waterside Hall, where carpet bowls, concerts and meetings of all kinds help to weld the community more closely together, and to enliven the winter months. The W.R.I. Movement has pleasantly invaded the women’s sphere, and brought its ameliorative, helpful and strengthening influence into the home life of the community.

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