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Family History Introduction
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Family History - School Records

It is hoped that all school records for Stonehouse will eventually be recorded on database. The information that is currently available is that of the school register for Townhead Public School (1880-1890). The information contained in the school registers is very informative and provides many gateways into other family historical sources. The information recorded against each pupil or scholar is as follows :

Registration number
Date of admission/readmission
Name of chiId (in full)
Name of parent or guardian
Whether exempt from religious instruction
Exact date of child’s birth
Last school child attended
Highest standard achieved
Date of examination in standards
Date of leaving
Reason for leaving

The registration number was just a sequential number given to each child when he/she started school.

The date of admission or readmission was simply the date the child started school or restarted. Children could be taken out of school and readmitted until the age of 18.

The next three sections of information, name of child, name of parent or guardian and the address are all self-explanatory. It is envisaged that the majority of searches will be on the child/scholar name.

Whether the child was exempt from Religious Education means as it says. The child could if requested by the parents opt out of religious education classes.

The exact date of child’s birth is once again self-explanatory. This is a very important piece of information because it gives the exact data of birth from which is the key to accessing the childs birth certificate. The birth certificate contains the place and date of the parents marriage, therefore you can start to build your family tree.

Records show previous schools attended before joining their present school. This may provide information on where the family resided before moving to Stonehouse by giving the name and location of the school.

The highest standard presented and date of examination in standards provides details on the academic qualifications gained by each child. The six standards that a child could sit started at standard one and finished at standard six. The highest standard presented gives the highest qualification attained by each child and the date of examination in standards gives the year in which each exam was sat.

The final two pieces of information, date of leaving and reason for leaving area as they state, the exact date in which the child left school and his reason for doing so. In the majority of cases the child left school to work.

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