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Religion - Paterson U.F.C

Paterson United Free Church Timeline
1783 Application made to Associate (Burgher) Presbytery of Glasgow for pulpit supply

c1790 Meeting House erected at Chapelton for worshippers from Stonehouse congregation

1795 Dissenters Church founded in Stonehouse.

1796 Meeting House ‘carried’ from Chapelton to ‘Newtown’ (Lawrie Street) site of present church. Newtown Meeting House served
congregation until 1820 as the Associate Congregation of Burgher Seceders.

1798 Rev. William Taylor (b.1768, 1st m. Mary McKeown, 2nd m. Mary Armstrong, d. 1837)
1st minister of Associate Session congregation, from Falkirk, he resigned in 1817, emigrating to Canada and thence to Waddington, New York in 1819.

1815 First Manse built (Hill Manse)

1820 Congregation became United Secession Church after union of Burgher and Anti-Burgher Churches

1820 Rev. William Fraser (d. 1835)
2nd minister, from Dunning, he resigned in 1828, later emigrating to Canada

1831 Rev. Matthew McGavin (d. 1874)
3rd minister, from Dundee, he accepted call to Airdrie in 1841, later emigrating to Australia

1842 Rev. Henry Angus Paterson (b. 1818, d. 1901)
4th minister, from Aberdeenshire. Opposed to Boer War, his grandniece was wife of ex-president Steyn of the Orange Free State.

1843 Roof of church raised four and a half feet to accommodate head room at back of gallery.

1847 The United Secession Church and Relief Church united to form the United Presbyterian Church. The local kirk became known as the United Presbyterian Church.

1859 Ordnance Survey map of 1859 shows detail of garden layout behind church building.

1860 Church enlarged again to provide more seating

1865 Choral Union established in Subscription School Hall. With 40 members, Mr Thomson, precentor of the United Presbyterian Church was conductor.

1878 Memorial stone laid for new church, for growing congregation. The previous church was demolished, leaving only a small circular part of the original structure, which is still evident today.

1879 New church completed and opened on April 29th, originally designed to incorporate spire.

1883 YMCA established

1891 Jubilee of Rev. Henry Angus Paterson

1895 Centenary of United Presbyterian Church in Stonehouse

1900 Union of the United Presbyterian Church and the Free Church of Scotland. As there were two churches of the same denomination in Stonehouse, the United Presbyterian Church was renamed ‘Paterson United Free Church of Scotland’

1901 Rev. A. B. Macdonald
5th minister, from Cumnock, he accepted call to Perth in 1914

1902 New Manse built on Strathaven Road

1915 Rev. James Christian Brown
6th minister, from Coatbridge, he accepted call to Glasgow in 1921

1921 Rev. Andrew Martin
7th minister, from Stranraer, left congregation in 1929. Served with Royal Scots Fusiliers with the Eygptian Expeditionary Force.

1929 Union of United Free Church of Scotland and Established Church. Congregation refused to participate and continued as ‘Paterson United Free Church of Scotland (continuing)’, five years later dropping the word ‘continuing’.

1930 Rev. Thomas Frederick Crow
8th minister, from Yorkshire, he became the Moderator of the United Free Church of Scotland, retiring in 1952

1953 Rev. David Wilson Roy
9th minister, from Glasgow, the second minister of Paterson Church to become Moderator of the United Free Church of Scotland. He left the congregation in 1964 to become minister in Edinburgh.

1961 New hall built and dedicated on 4th November

1965 Rev. Archibald Amos Small
10th minister, from Edinburgh, the third minister of Paterson Church to become Moderator of the General Assembly of the United Free Church of Scotland in 1977. Retired in September 1979.

1977 Church seriously damaged by fire and restored by congregation the following year

1981 Rev. John A. M. McFie
11th minister, born Rothesay, Rev. McFie served in Shetland and Lochend U.F. Church in Campbeltown before receiving call from Paterson Church, retired in 1999. Rev. McFie was the 4th minister of the church to serve as Moderator of the General Assembly of the United Free Church of Scotland.

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